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These retro-inspired neon lights are as beautiful as they are functional. Retro neon signs never go out of style, perfect for your home or business!


Our range of lamps are perfect for any bedside, make light the new focus piece of any room.

Bring the magical evening sun into your home with our new Sunset lamp. 
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Be instantly transported to the depths of the cosmos with our new starry night projector. With vibrant colours and advanced light projection, it will take your breath away. 


If you’re looking to change the mood of your room, we have all types of LEDs. Switch up your vibe as often as you like with so many colours to choose from! 

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Our Mission

At Brighter Vibe, we provide a variety of different lighting products, but our focus is to transform the vibe in any home. Whether you want something bright and colourful or more relaxed and calm, we have got you covered.

Transform any home into an instant sanctuary for those who want their living space to feel like a safe, happy escape from everyday life. Bring colour and life into every room.

Brighten your vibe today.

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